Kournas Lake


4 km away from Kavros you will come across the picturesque Kournas with its wonderful natural freshwater lake , the only one that exists in Crete. Located in a cavity formed between hills with lush greenery it is the ideal place for your afternoon nature walk. You can even rent one of the bikes for rent in the area of the lake and cycle along it observing the animals and birds and fish that habitat there.
Lake Kournas and the surrounding area are protected by the Natura 2000. It is a wetland whereby species of fish and birds such as moorhens, eels, water snakes and a rare two-color turtles are to be found there.

If you happen to be in Kavros or Georgioupolis, a visit to Lake Kournas is worthwhile. You can enjoy a walk along its banks, or have a drink or a coffee or eat at one of the local taverns. The scenery is beautiful and rewarding.

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