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Information & customer advice relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  • We are carefully monitoring the situation and are following the guidance from the World Health Organization and our national health agencies, and we are carefully following their recommendations

  • We always take cleaning seriously and put extreme emphasis on following comprehensive cleaning procedures of our vehicles – inside and out. During this time, these procedures are more important than ever. 

  • We recommend avoiding contact with people that are not people you arrived with (when possible) and instruct all to keep an extra distance.

  • Wherever possible, we have placed hand sanitizers for our customers.

  • We have implemented new cleaning protocols in case of customer is suspected or known to have the coronavirus that include removing the vehicle from circulation and disinfecting through a certified third party specialist.

  • We advise all our customers to keep updated on the latest developments from the World Health Organisation and Greece's National Public Health Organisation

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